Time Capsule 2061

A grand event, burial of a Jefferson County time capsule, took place on Friday, April 13, 2012. A small crowd gathered for this historic event, to watch this “message to the future” be securely buried for rediscovery in 2061, the county’s bicentennial year.

A crowd was present for the historic burial of the Jefferson County time capsule April 13th.

County Commissioners and JCHC members help bury the county's latest time capsule.

Performing the honors under the watchful eye of "Thomas Jefferson" are (left to right) Commissioner Don Rosier, Historical Commission Chair Rose Lewis, Commissioner Faye Griffin, JCHC member Mary Lindsey, and Commissioner John Odom. Other JCHC members, county staff, and members of the public were present.

Attendees enjoyed cake and refreshments in the Courts and Administration Building after the ceremony.

All photos are courtesy of the Jefferson County Public Information Office.

Specially enclosed and packaged for safekeeping, time capsule contents reflect Jefferson County today.

Capsule contents were donated by historical societies and other groups across the county, and represent Jefferson County in 2011, at the close of the county’s 150 anniversary celebration. The time capsule is of special construction, resistant to deterioration over time, and is registered with a time capsule registry. Contents were collected and prepared in protective packaging by County Archivist Ronda Frazier.

This event strikes a final chord to the county’s 3-year sesquicentennial celebration. Next up: the Bicentennial in 2061! Those under 50 should plan to attend!

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