Symposium Success at Ken-Caryl

Saturday’s symposium at the Ken-Caryl Ranch House was a hit with about 50 participants. Keynote speaker Diane Wray Tomasso jolted her audience into a modern reality with the challenge of saving prime examples of late-20th century architecture in Jefferson Co. Her convincing presentation of the importance of modern buildings and the threats they face showed us the potential losses ahead.

An excellent roundtable discussion featured Diane Tomasso with Chris Pacetti (KCRHS), Kim Grant (Arvada), Diane Lange and Matt Poitra (LMHG)

Thanks to our hosts at the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society for a wonderful day.

Here are a few photos of the event. More information later!

JCHC Chair Rose Lewis welcomed symposium attendees.

Hosts from the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society provided local information for participants.

Frank and Pat Weed, of Buffalo Creek, examine the display of County Landmark properties.

Deborah Andrews, chair of the Historic Preservation Committee, chats with Matt Poitra and Diane Lange, who are working to create a Lookout Mountain historical group.

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