Humphrey Museum is New Landmark

At their October 1st meeting, upon the recommendation of the Landmark Committee, the JCHC unanimously voted to make the Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum the county’s newest landmark. This designation expands beyond the scope of the previous National Register listing of the Museum building itself. The new county landmark includes the entire property and all of its historic structures.

This unusual house museum—we must say, unique—documents the life of the Humphrey family and houses its extensive and eclectic collections as they were when the family lived there for much of the 20th century, until Hazel Lou’s death in 1995. In addition to the Museum building, the grounds include a teacherage, garage and privy, croquet court and gazebo, cattery and play house, as well as animal pens and barn.

Hazel (mother) and Hazel Lou Humphrey were well known figures in Jefferson County and staunch members of the county’s Republican party. Hazel Lou was a charter member of JCHC and was named to the county’s Hall of Fame in 1984.

Today the Museum operates as a living history park under the directorship of Angela Rayne, offering programs interpreting life on the ranch in the 1930s and 40s, from laundry and ironing, to gardening, teas, baking, and household crafts. Learn more at

Photos by Dennis Dempsey, courtesy Jeffco Planning & Zoning. Click to enlarge.

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