JCHC News in 2014

This website was established back in 2004 to provide access to historic and JCHC information found on the official Jeffco website and other locations. Please bear with us as we track down and fix bad links created by the county’s 2013 website changes. We’re working on it!

The Historical Commission’s new homepage at Jeffco.us is available here.

Additional information on county history is available at Jeffco archives.

The Historical Commission has downsized (by attrition) to the County-established size of 11, and with a recent resignation, now has one vacancy. If interested, fill out and submit the application in our sidebar.

JCHC has decided not to present its annual historic preservation symposium in 2014, but will continue to work with other historical societies to support their efforts. Look for a new HP symposium in 2015. These events are hosted around the county in coordination with historical groups.

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