Jeffco Women in and of History

Before Women’s History Month, March 2016, gets entirely away from us, we thought it appropriate to honor the women who have made, or have documented, the county’s history for us and for posterity. Many of these women, more than two dozen, have been named as Jefferson County Hall of Fame Honorees over the years. More than a drop in the bucket, but not full equality by any means.

For Women’s History Month back in 2009, we decided to honor some of the women who have contributed to Jefferson County, particularly in the fields of Government, Education, and Community organizing. We created large posters that were displayed in the atrium at Jeffco Courts & Admin, which introduced visitors to dozens of women, past and present, who have advanced Jefferson County in these important areas. Please remember, as we do, that the women featured here are only a few of the many who could be mentioned in each of these areas of service.

Feel free to read or download these posters at the links below:

governmentFinding a Voice in Government:
Women in public service

educationPutting Women on the Map:
Women in education

communityKeepers of the Flame:
Women in community service

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