Jefferson County Historical Preservation Symposium 2017 – Landscape Shapes History

This event is past. See Landscape Shapes History for a report on the 2017 symposium.

The Jefferson County Historical Commission and Jefferson County Open Space teamed up to present the 2017 Historical Preservation Symposium.  Set in the historic Timbervale Barn at the Hiwan Heritage Park, in Evergreen Colorado, the Symposium focused on how landscape shapes history.

Speakers gave presentations on how landscape shaped the settlement of Jefferson County and how the settlers changed the landscape to take advantage of Colorado’s abundance of natural resources including rock, minerals, gold, water, soil and timber.


  • Bob Raynolds, Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Geology and Paleontology,
  • Don Finley, Prospector – Prospecting: Past and Present,
  • Andrea Keppers, Jefferson County Open Space – Ranching in JeffCo,
  • Cynthia Shaw, Jefferson County Historical Commission – Arts and Crafts Architecture

Panel discussion: Cynthia Shaw (Chair – Jefferson County Historical Commission and Director of the Boettcher Mansion), John Steinle former administrator of Hiwan Museum and local historian), Mary Ann Bonnell (Jefferson County Open Space, Visitor Services Manager), Bud Weare (retired historian), Elaine Hayden (Jefferson County Historical Society)

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