About JCHC

The Jefferson County Historical Commission (JCHC) was created in 1974 to bring together people interested in history, and especially in the history of Jefferson County, Colorado. JCHC acts as a liaison with national, state and local historical organizations; disseminates historical information and arouses interest in Jefferson County’s past by publishing historical material; and promotes and supports various historical and educational programs. The members of JCHC identify, research, and actively participate in the preservation of historical sites within Jefferson County.

The 23 members of JCHC are appointed by the County Commissioners, six from each of the three districts, and five at-large. Among current and ongoing JCHC projects are:

  • Publishing an annual issue of Historically Jeffco magazine
  • Maintaining the Jefferson Co. Hall of Fame and annually designating two new honorees
  • Holding an annual Historic Preservation Symposium
  • Designating historic landmarks in Jefferson County
  • Developing programs and events to celebrate the county’s Sesquicentennial (2009-2011)
  • Maintaining a Placenames database, currently with more than 1,300 entries

    Interested in Local History?
Join the Jefferson County Historical Commission!

The JCHC consists of 23 volunteers appointed by the County Commissioners. The public is welcome to attend JCHC meetings, held on the 1st Monday of each month at 1 p.m. in the Buffalo Bill Room at the Jefferson Co. Courts & Admin Building. If you’re interested in the County’s history, consider volunteering to help us encourage and coordinate historical activities and promote designation and preservation of significant historic sites.

If you’re interested in promoting and supporting historic preservation and education in Jefferson County, consider applying for appointment to the Historical Commission. (At present, there are no vacancies on the Historical Commission; information on vacancies is updated as available.) We recommend visiting one or more of our meetings to get familiar with the Historical Commission’s activities before seeking appointment.

Download additional information or an application form or call 303.271.8447 to have an application packet mailed to you.

More information on the Historical Commission’s activities is available on this website, or on the Jefferson County website.

Current JCHC Members