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This Historic Jeffco website was established on behalf of the Jefferson Co. Historical Commission to connect you to whatever information is available online about Jeffco history, wherever it is located. Originally the site consisted primarily of links to historical societies and museums, historic articles, and a host of other online resources. We still have all that. We’ve also compiled new material that is accessible nowhere else, like articles from and indices to our Historically Jeffco magazine, reports on JCHC activities and events, and a guide to historic markers in the county. Visit our blog for updates on the latest, as well as a review of events past.

In November 2011, we completed a 3-year celebration of the County’s Sesquicentennial. Check out photos of the grand party November 18th. The Sesquicentennial pages provide more information on the County’s 150th anniversary celebrations!

Explore… and come back for more!

Feel free to explore the site, and do let us know if you have questions, comments, or new links and information to share! (E-mail us at

Historic Jeffco is maintained by volunteer members of the Jefferson Co. Historical Commission. Additional JCHC information is also available online at the staff-supported county website. See Resources for more links to specific pages on the county website.

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Please note: These pages represent a new format under development. Some links may take you to old-format pages during this transition. If you run across something that doesn’t work, please let us know. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the site and the information available to you.

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