Compiled by Rosemary Lewis for the Sesquicentennial, 2010-2011.

Jefferson County is celebrating 150 years since its establishment as one of the seventeen original counties in Colorado Territory.  PastPort is a program designed to encourage visitation and appreciation of local historic sites within the County.  For 2010-2011, eight special sites have been selected that have attained recognition on the National Register of Historic Places or as a National Natural Landmark, with a road trip on a National Scenic Byway thrown in for extra fun.  From the Denver suburbs to the Rocky Mountain forests, these places showcase what makes Jefferson County unique.

We encourage explorers, young and old, to take a trip through time in their own back yards, from the Age of the Dinosaurs to the Gold Rush to the 20th Century.  You will visit mansions and sod houses, ghost towns and thriving cities.

Elementary-aged explorers who visit all eight of the sites by August 1, 2011 and have their PastPorts stamped will receive a special-issue Time Traveler badge.  Just download the following pages, get on your walking shoes, and open your imaginations to living history.

Download PastPort 2010
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

2 Responses to PastPort

  1. Sophie Schwedland says:

    Hello! We are at a Title 1 school & already have our 2 field trips planned for this year. I am wondering if, since we are concentrating on researching Colorado in 4th grade, that we could earn the Time Traveler Badges virtually through encouraging research by each student in library/class on each of these places. We would “STAMP” as they “go” to these historic places.

    lmk, thx, Sophie

    • rose1859 says:

      I am so pleased that you are considering using PastPort for your Colorado Studies unit. I wish I could allow virtual touring to earn the badges, but we really hope to encourage physical visitation and experience of the sites for this year’s program to keep everything fair and equal for participants. However, this is the first year we have tried anything like this and we’ll take your comment and see if we can have a virtual component in the future, should this program prove to be successful. In the meantime, you could have your own “badge” program, and students are always welcome to independently try our tour over the next ten months. Perhaps as extra-credit? Thanks for your comment!

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