Landmarks and Historic Sites

Historic sites come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Start here to explore the variety of sites in Jefferson County that have been designated, in some fashion, as contributions to the history of our region, or that provide education and insights into the county’s history.

Note: Many more sites are designated in incorporated towns and cities. Locally designated sites are not shown below, but information should be available through the municipality.

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National Register Historic Sites State Register Historic Sites
National Landmarks County Landmarks
Centennial Sites Monuments and Markers
Historic murals (NEW) Interpretive Signs and Kiosks
Everything Else

Historic Preservation

JCHC has a Historic Preservation and Landmarks committee that oversees an annual historic preservation symposium, the county landmarking program, the Meyer Award, and related interests. The county has no preservation program or regulations as such, but Historical Commission members review zoning applications on historic properties and get involved in other projects affecting historic interests.

Centennial Sites

In 1976, 25 historic places in the county were designated as Centennial Sites. These are sometimes considered as “landmarks” but many of them do not meet the criteria for designation as official Landmarks under the current program.

More About the Jefferson County Landmark Program

  • The Landmark Program is a voluntary program
  • The property owner must consent to nominate a Landmark
  • 50% of the property owners must consent to nominate a District to the program
  • All Landmark and District nominations must meet one or more designation criteria
  • The Landmark Designation Committee reviews nominations and recommends approval or denial
  • The JCHC authorizes the designation of the property after receiving a recommendation from the Landmark Designation Committee
  • The property owner(s) receive a Certificate of Designation for their Landmark or District
  • Alteration or demolition of an Historic Landmark or District may affect its status in the program

Nominate a Landmark
You may submit nominations throughout the year, but nominations received by June 1 can be reviewed and, if approved, included in the annual magazine. Download landmark nomination form (PDF).

Full details on the Landmark Program are in the Landmark Program Policies (PDF).

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