National Register Sites

Listing updated Nov 5, 2015; most links still in progress.

This list of Jefferson Co. historic sites on the National Register of Historic Places provides links in the first column to various webpages on this site or at local historical societies if there is further information available; “story” links go to articles in Historically Jeffco magazine; “HoF” links are to Hall of Fame notebook pages as pdf. The right column provides links to NRHP documentation and/or to Waymarking pages, if available. Offsite links and pdfs open in new windows; close window or use your browser’s “back” button to return to this list.

Some of these sites also have pages on English Wikipedia; see NRHP listings for Jefferson County for those links.

Historic Site Date Listed City or Area Link
Ammunition Igloo 5/20/93 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Arvada Downtown 7/15/98 Arvada NRHP, Waymark
Arvada Flour Mill 4/24/75 Arvada NRHP, Waymark
Astor House Hotel 3/1/73 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Barnes-Peery House 10/12/01 Golden NRHP, Waymark
James H. Baugh House (HoF) 8/14/12 Wheat Ridge NRHP, Waymark
Bear Creek Canyon Scenic Mountain Drive 11/15/90 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Bergen Park 11/15/90 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Blue Jay Inn 10/1/74 Buffalo Creek NRHP, Waymark
Boettcher Mansion, see Lorraine Lodge
Bradford House II 2/2/01 Littleton NRHP, Waymark
Bradford House III Archeological Site 4/8/80 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Bradford-Perley House, 1860 2/2/2015 Ken-Caryl NRHP, Waymark
Brook Forest Inn (HoF) 7/29/09 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Building 710, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, Region 6 Operns Center 3/2/00 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Cabrini Shrine, see Queen of Heaven…
Calvary Episcopal Church 3/3/95 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Camp George West Historic District [story] 2/11/93 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Churches Ranch 7/23/98 Arvada NRHP, Waymark
Colorado Amphitheater 5/20/93 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Colorado National Guard Armory 12/18/78 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Colorow Point Park 11/15/90 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Herman Coors House 10/17/97 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Corwina Park, O’Fallon Park, Pence Park 12/28/90 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Katherine Craig Park 6/30/95 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Crown Hill Burial Park 7/24/08 Wheat Ridge NRHP, Waymark
Davies’ Chuck Wagon Diner 7/2/97 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Deaton Sculptured House 2/24/04 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Dedisse Park 11/15/90 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Denver and Intermountain Railroad Interurban No. 25 [story] 1/12/12 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Caboose No. 0578 11/4/03 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Evergreen Conference District 5/1/79 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Everhardt Ranch 5/7/80 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Fillius Park 2/24/95 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
First Presbyterian Church of Golden-Unger House 3/14/91 Golden NRHP, Waymark
The Fort 7/14/06 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Fruitdale Grade School (HoF) 3/20/2013 Wheat Ridge NRHP, Waymark
Genesee Park 11/15/90 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Golden Cemetery (HoF) 4/18/12 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Golden High School 3/14/97 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Green Mercantile Store 10/1/74 Buffalo Creek NRHP, Waymark
Green Mountain Ranch 10/1/74 Buffalo Creek NRHP, Waymark
Hildebrand Ranch 3/13/75 Littleton NRHP, Waymark
Hill Section, Golden Hill Cemetery 7/31/95 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Hiwan Homestead 4/9/74 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Humphrey House 12/31/74 Evergreen NRHP, Waymark
Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society 6/26/80 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
La Hacienda 7/20/73 Buffalo Creek NRHP, Waymark
Lariat Trail Scenic Mountain Drive [story] 11/15/90 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Little Park 2/24/95 Idledale NRHP, Waymark
LoDaisKa Site 9/25/03 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Lookout Mountain Park 11/15/90 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Lorraine Lodge 1/18/84 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Loveland Building and Coors Building 5/16/96 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Magic Mountain Site 8/21/80 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Medlen School, 1886 4/4/2015 Conifer NRHP, Waymark
Midway House 9/18/90 Conifer NRHP, Waymark
Morrison Historic District 9/28/76 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Morrison Schoolhouse 9/4/74 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Mount Vernon House 11/20/70 Golden NRHP, Waymark
North Fork Historic District 10/9/74 Pine and South Platte NRHP, Waymark
Office of Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center 12/16/99 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Peterson House 9/10/81 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Pioneer Sod House 3/14/73 Wheat Ridge NRHP, Waymark
Quaintance Block 3/25/94 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Queen of Heaven Orphanage Summer Camp 1/14/00 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Red Rocks Park District 5/18/90 Morrison NRHP, Waymark
Reno Park Addition Historic District 9/29/99 Arvada NRHP, Waymark
Richards Mansion 9/15/77 Wheat Ridge NRHP, Waymark
Rio Grande Southern Railroad Engine No. 20 (see photo) 12/14/00 Golden (CRRM) NRHP, Waymark
Rio Grande Southern Railroad, Motor No. 2 2/14/97 Golden (CRRM) NRHP, Waymark
Rio Grande Southern Railroad, Motor No. 6 2/19/97 Golden (CRRM) NRHP, Waymark
Rio Grande Southern Railroad, Motor No. 7 2/28/97 Golden (CRRM) NRHP, Waymark
Rockland Community Church and Cemetery (HoF) 8/5/09 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Rocky Flats Plant 5/19/97 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Rooney Ranch (see also HoF 2010) 2/13/75 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Russell-Graves House 5/9/83 Arvada NRHP, Waymark
Schnell Farm 2/14/97 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Sleeper House, see Deaton…
South Ranch 4/18/03 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Starbuck Park 6/30/95 Idledale NRHP, Waymark
Staunton State Park (HoF) 12/04/2012 Conifer NRHP, Waymark
Stocke-Walter Addition Historic District 9/24/99 Arvada NRHP, Waymark
Stone House 5/1/75 Lakewood NRHP, Waymark
Thiede Ranch 1/11/96 Golden NRHP, Waymark
Tower of Memories 9/25/87 Wheat Ridge NRHP, Waymark
Twelfth Street Historic Residential District 9/22/83 Golden NRHP, Waymark

Note: “CRRM” = located at Colorado Railroad Museum

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