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List of Titles by Year Published, 1988-2015

Note: Articles are provided by the authors; JCHC and the Board of County Commissioners are not responsible for the opinions of authors or the content of their articles. Article links open in a new window; click close to return to this index. This list is intended as an aid to researchers; the Commission cannot guarantee its completeness or accuracy. We will correct any known errors; please advise the webmaster. This list contains only authored articles, excludes Hall of Fame and most uncredited reports.


2015, Issue 36

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  • Magic Mountain—Destination: fun and fantasy!, by Richard Gardner, p 2-8.
  • Volunteers Trace West Colfax history, by Kristen and Robert Autobee, p 9-10.
  • Supporting the research needs of the West Colfax Historic Resource Survey, by Ronda Frazier, p 11.
  • Columbine Community survives and thrives, by Lou Fohn and Chuck Hause, p 12-18.
  • The Columbine Airport, by Lou Fohn, p 18.
  • Water—Legacy of Zebulon Vance Swan, by Bobbee David Swan, p 19-20.
  • Red Rocks Community College honors World War II, by Katy Ordway and Chris Howell, p 21.
  • Introducing Colorow, a Jefferson County legend, by Beth Simmons, p 22-27.
  • Jefferson County Hall of Fame: Colorow, p 27.
  • Jefferson County Hall of Fame: Sally White, p 28.
  • Jefferson County Hall of Fame: Thomas J. Carney, p 29.
  • Evergreen stories trace its history of “mature eccentricity”, by Karen Groves, p 30-35.
  • County resources support Colorado Glass Works Co., by Beau Schriever, Bill Lockhart, Bill Lindsey, and Carol Serr, p 36-38.
  • Spring symposium sows seeds for ongoing meeting of the minds, by Cynthia Shaw, p 39.
  • Meyer Award: Lariat Loop Heritage Alliance, p 40.
  • Jeffco’s First National Historic Landmark: Red Rocks Park and Mount Morrison Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, p 41-42.
  • Church’s Stage Stop Well landmarked in 2015, p 43.
  • National Register: Bradford-Perley site and Medlen School, p 44-45.
  • A photo tour of Indian Hills, by Max Lankston, p 46-48.
  • Golden’s Welch Ditch: Preserving irrigation history in Jeffco, p 49-51.


2014, Issue 35

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2013, Issue 34

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2012, Issue 33

  • Fortress Commerce: Jefferson County’s Malls, by Rosemary Lewis, pages 2-7.
  • A Modern Revolution in Historic Preservation, by Sally White, pages 8-10.
  • Applewood – an Orchard of Apple Trees, by Marian Metsopoulos, pages 11-12.
  • All It Took Was One Ad, by Matthew Prythero, pages 13-15.
  • Golden Cemetery (NRHP), by Richard Gardner, page 16.
  • Ralston Cemetery (SRHP), by Matthew Prythero, page 17.
  • Norman and Ethel Meyer Award, by Deborah Andrews, pages 18-19.
  • Jefferson County Hall of Fame, page 20.
  • Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum, by Lois Lange, page 21-22, 24.
  • Step Back in Time at the Humphrey Museum, by Margaret Chapman, page 23.
  • Feature: Wildfire History in Jefferson County, compiled by Richard Gardner and Sally L. White, pages 25-30.
    • [Introduction], page 25.
    • Jefferson County Fires (Map and List), page 26.
    • Jeffco’s First Major Wildfire, by Richard Gardner, page 27.
    • Historic Consequences of Early Fires, by Richard Gardner, page 29.
    • Jeffco Incident Management Team, page 29.
    • Farewell to the Lamb School, by Milly Roeder, page 30.
  • Territorial Capitol Anniversary, by Richard Gardner, page 31.
  • Historic Places in Transition, pages 32-33.
  • Denver Mountain Parks Centennial Celebrates a Legacy of History, by Sally White and Jay Clark, pages 34-36.
  • Jefferson County Historical Commission 2012, by Rosemary Lewis, pages 37-38.

2011, Issue 32; Celebrating 150 Years

  • The Original Jefferson County Commissioners, by Richard J. Gardner, pages 2-5.
  • Camp George West: A History, by Jerry Grunska, pages 6-10. Writers’ Award Winner 2011.
  • Through Glass, Darkly: The Stained Glass of Calvary Episcopal Church, by Patricia Hale Killian, PhD, pages 11-15. Writers’ Award Winner 2011.
  • The Rhubarb Festival at Pine Grove, by David Nelson, pages 16-20.
  • Naming Buffalo Creek, by Milly Roeder, pages 21-23.
  • Jefferson’s Government Homes, by Richard Gardner, pages 24-25.
  • Why a Public Trustee?, by Margaret T. Chapman, Jefferson County Public Trustee, pages 26-29.
  • Jefferson County: A Chronology of Events, pages 30-35.
  • Jefferson County Hall of Fame: George and Sarah Church, Norma Anderson, pages 36-37.
  • Designs Celebrate County’s History, by Sally White and Rose Lewis, pages 38-39.
  • The Meyer Ranch Museum Project, by Suzi Morris and Lucy Bambrey, pages 40-41.
  • Colorado Railroad Museum Landmarked 2011, by Margaret T. Chapman, pages 42-44.
  • Jefferson County Historical Commission, Year in Review, by Rosemary Lewis, pages 45-47.
  • Jefferson County Historical Commission Members, pages 48-49.

    2010, Volume 23, Issue 31

    • Original Jefferson County, by Richard J. Gardner, pages 2-4
    • Delivering People, Goods, and Mail in the Mountains of Jefferson County, by Pat Jurgens, pages 5-9
    • Spivak, Colorado—Historical Haven for Health, by Lia Woodall (1st Place long essay), pages 10-14
    • Living Legacies of Jeffco’s Historic Schools, by Stephen Knapp and Carole Lomond, pages 15-21
    • 100th Anniversary of the Leyden Mine Disaster, by Richard J. Gardner, pages 24-29
    • Westminster—The Beginning, by Bob Briggs, pages 30-37
    • Jefferson County Landmarks, by Rita Peterson and Deborah Andrews, pages 38-39

    2009, Volume 22, Issue 30

    • Saving the Bradford Perley House on Ken-Caryl Ranch in Jefferson County, by Dolores A. Ebner, page 2-6
    • DeForest, Colorado, Birthplace of the Electronic Age, or the Forgotten Home of a Two-Million-Dollar Fraud?, by Wayne Gilbert, pages 7-10
    • Picnics with Jacques Benedict, by Alice Millett Bakemeier, pages 11-15
    • Lakewood’s Cider Days: Embracing the Past, by Angel Canann and Kathryn Ordway, pages 16-19
    • Sesquicentennial Ghost Towns of Jefferson County, by Richard Gardner, pages 22-27
    • Forgotten Fifty-Niners, by Richard Creswell, pages 28-32
    • The Founding of Golden 150Years Ago, by Richard Gardner, pages 33-37
    • Jefferson County Landmarks, by Milly Roeder and Kathryn Ordway, pages 38-39

    2008, Volume 21, Issue 29

    • The Mt. Morrison Auto Trip: A Postcard Adventure, by Sally L. White, p.2-7
    • The Lady was a Horse Thief, by Edna Fiore, p.8-10   (1st Place, Adult Short Essay)
    • The Shattucks of South Elk Creek, by Dave Nelson, p.11-15   (1st Place, Adult Long Essay)
    • The Story of My Life, Part 2, by Joseph Thomas Bowden, p.16-18 (historical autobiography)
    • The Beers Sisters, Part 2, by Burdette Weare, p.19-26
    • The Sesquicentennial of Arapahoe City, by Richard Gardner, p.27-29
    • Hall of Fame: Bill Knott; Hal Shelton, p. 30-31
    • Conifer Barns: Snapshots from a Rocky Mountain Landscape, by Paula Hutman Thomas, p.32-36
    • Lost and Saved Jeffco Buildings, by Milly Roeder and Kathryn Ordway, p.37-41
    • Message from the Historical Commission, p.42-43

    2007, Volume 20, Issue 28

    • Barbara Crane, A Woman’s Life in 20th Century Jefferson County, by Pat Jurgens, p.6-8 (2nd Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • The Beers Sisters, Part 1, by Burdette Weare, p.9-13
    • Good Books about Jeffco History, p.43
    • Hall of Fame: Hank Alderfer; Charles Dake, p.26-27
    • The Mountain Area Land Trust, by Mike Strunk, p.28-32
    • National Register of Historic Properties: The Fort, by Kathryn Ordway and Milly Roeder, p.39
    • Olinger Crown Hill Cemetery: Marking a Century of Serving Families, by Janine Spellman, p.33-38
    • A Pleasure Ground in the Mountains: Denver’s Mountain Parks and the Opening of Jefferson County, by Sally L. White, p.14-20
    • Roscoe, Jeffco’s Popular, Prolific Placer, by Beth Simmons, p.2-4 (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Tales and Trails: The Background of Jefferson County’s Open Space Initiative, by Jerry Grunska, p.21-25
    • Two Historic Buildings Lost in Jefferson County, by Milly Roeder, p.40-42

    2006, Volume 19, Issue 27

    • Music in the Mountains: The Colorado Philharmonic Orchestra, by Alice Bakemeier, p. 2-5. (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Wouldn’t It Be Fun-i-cu-lar?, by Elizabeth Simmons, p. 7-12. (2nd Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • The Story of My Life: A Boy’s Life in Early Golden, by Joseph Thomas Bowden, p. 13-16. (historical autobiography)
    • Spivak, Colorado, by Marian Metsopoulos, p. 17-22.
    • Katherine Ramus and the Blue Jay Inn, by Milly Roeder, p. 23-26.
    • Landmarks: The Golden Chateau and Ken-Caryl Equestrian Center, by Richard Gardner, p. 29-31.
    • Hall of Fame: Harold Elliott Bray; Donald Ebner, p. 32-33.
    • Lakeside is the Place, by Robert J. Olson, p. 34-39.
    • From Cattle Ranching to Cold War: Preserving the History of Rocky Flats, by Debbie Grieco, p.40-43.

    2005, Volume 18, Issue 26

    • John Brisben Walker, the Man and Mt. Morrison, by Sally L. White
    • Morrison’s Second Centennial, by Sally L. White
    • The Brickmaker’s House, by Richard Gardner
    • Celebrating 100 Years at Lutheran Medical Center, by Roberta Bhasin and Carol Salzman
    • The Good Eagle: Robert O. Lindneaux, by Milly Roeder
    • Moving Norm’s Historic Buildings, by Milly Roeder
    • Hall of Fame: Connie Fox; Arthur Lakes, p. 28-29
    • Three Town Founders on the North Fork, by Lee Heideman (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • A Small Homestead, by Virginia Fasulo (2nd Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Great Memories of Red Rocks, by Alex Jorgensen (Youth Writers’ Award)
    • History of East Street, by Rick Gardner
    • A Dream Realized, by Carolyn Tibbles
    • McIlvoy House Restoration, by Kim Grant

    2004, Volume 17, Issue 25

    • Jesuits in Jefferson County: A Story of Regis College, White Sally, pp. 30-34
    • Historic Arvada 1850-2004, Kennedy Lois Cunniff Lindstrom, pp.35-39
    • History of Coal Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, Brescia Janis, pp. 14-18 (Honorable Mention, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Kidnap-Murder of Adolph Coors III, Grunska Jerry, pp.2-8 (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Mountain View – One Hundred Years and Counting, Cresman Jerry and Dorothy Donovan, pp. 19-23
    • Hall of Fame: Barbara & Eugene Sternberg; Robert Boyles Bradford, p. 24-25
    • Steamboats on Clear Creek, Gardner Richard, pp. 26-29
    • White Ash Mine Disaster, Bloemendaal Scott, pp.9-13, photos (2nd Place, Adult Writers’ Award)

    2003, Volume 16, Issue 24

    • Golden’s Endangered Site List, Roeder Milly, page 36
    • Hall of Fame: Lois Cunniff Lindstrom Kennedy; George Morrison, p. 22-23
    • Historic Setting on a Stop of the Leyden Rail Route, Allison Judith, page 24
    • Leyden Mine, Lotito Lawrence, page 30
    • Lingering Along Lariat Loop Scenic and Historic Byway, Lomond Carole, page 32
    • Lost Places in Jefferson County, Roeder Milly, page 40
    • Moonshiners Robbers and Frontier Law (1506KB), Heideman Lee, page 14
    • New Landmark Program: Historic Sites designated in Jefferson County, page 43
    • Prohibition in Republican County (1899KB), Martin Martha N., page 8
    • Protecting Your Family Heirlooms (833KB), Rayne Angela M., page 18
    • Traceries (1839KB), Grunska Jerry, p. 2 (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)

    2002, Volume 15, Issue 23

    • Barnes-Peery House: The National Historic Register, Hanson Charles, page 23
    • Glimpses of History, Norman Cathleen, page 6
    • Hall of Fame: Bob Richardson; Robert Williamson Steele, p. 24-25
    • Jolly Rancher: Sweetness in Flux, Grunska Jerry, page 14
    • Pleasant Park: In the Beginning, Cranford Karen Land, page 26 (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Ralston Remains, Martin Martha N., page 33 (2nd Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Reflections of a Depression Era Teenager, Grunska Jerry with Larry Lotito, p.10
    • Southwest Jeffco Trails and Toll Roads, Heideman Lee, page 18
    • Starting from Scratch—Chicken Scratch, Hackethal Fran, page 38 (Special Award, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Tracks Make a Big Impression on New Golden Links, Grunska Jerry, page 1

    2001, Volume 14, Issue 22

    • Amazing Jefferson County Sites, Morningstar Melissa, page 24 (1st Place, Youth Writers’ Award)
    • Benefits of Local Designation: What Local Designation of your Historic Structure can do for you, Christensen Kris, p. 38
    • Bradford House II Archaeological Site, page 41
    • Car No. 25 Where Are You? What Goes Around Comes Around, Grunska Jerry,
      page 11
    • County of Vivian, Martin Martha N., page 14 (2nd Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Caboose No. 0578, page 40
    • Hall of Fame: Dolores A. Ebner; John C. Vivian, p. 36-37
    • Historical Museum in Jefferson County: Hildebrand Farm, pp. 41
    • Historical Museum in Jefferson County: The International Bell Museum, pp. 42
    • Postcard Adventure: A Day in the Mountains along the Lariat Loop, White Sally, page 32-35
    • Resources for Historic Preservation: An Overview of the State Historical Fund, p. 43-44
    • Rio Grande Southern Railroad Engine No. 20, p. 39
    • Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini, Mestdagh Jillian, page 28
    • Shaffer’s Crossing: A Moment in Time, Cranford Karen Land, page 4 (1st Place, Adult Writers’ Award)
    • Tower Farm of Lookout Mountain, Hislop Eric, page 30
    • Wild Wild Edgewater, Jones Celora Cory, page 22 (Honorable Mention, Adult Writers’ Award)

    2000, Volume 13, Issue 21

    • Colorado Railroad Museum, Grunska Jerry, pp.32 and 33
    • Digging Up Our Past, Van Ness Meg, pp. 10 – 16, photographs
    • Edgewater – A Romance, Wyhs Irma, pp. 22 – 27
    • Hall of Fame: Deanna Rose Leino; Adolph Coors, p. 28-29
    • Federal Center: National Register of Historic Places, pp. 42 and 43
    • Golden Welcome Arch: designation to the State Register of Historic Properties, Kalasz Rose, photograph
    • Hazel Humphrey Museum, Grunska Jerry, pp. 34 and 35
    • Historical Commission sponsors Project to Document County’s Historic Places, Norman Cathleen, pp.30 and 31
    • Hiwan Homestead Museum, Grunska Jerry, pp. 36 and 37
    • Pine Valley Ranch Park, Donovan Dorothy J., pp.4 – 9, photographs
    • Queen of Heaven Summer Camp State Register of Historic Places, Fiore Edna, p. 39
    • Two Arvada Historic Districts: National Register of Historic Places, p.40 and 41, photographs

    1999, Volume 12, Issue 20

    • Beer Bullets Bombs and Beyond: A History of Jefferson County’s Biggest Employer’s, Dellinger John, v12:20, pp.4 – 13
    • Denver’s Genesee Park, Peri David E., v12:20, pp. 21 – 24
    • Enterprise Grange Hall No .25: Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, v12:20, pp.36 and 37
    • Gate Post to the Lariat Trail, v12:20, p. 37
    • Lakewood: No Longer “Just Passing Through”, Nosek Elizabeth, v12:20, pp.25 – 28
    • Memories From 30 Years Ago – The Incorporation of Wheat Ridge, Turner Louise, v12:20, pp.28 -30
    • Morrison Heritage Museum , Fiore Edna, v12:20, p. 31
    • Morrison Natural History Museum, White Sally, v12:20, p.32 – 33
    • News from the Historical Fund, v12:20, p.45
    • Orem House in Edgewater, Fox Connie, v12:20, p.33
    • Rocky Flats: A Military Industrial Pandora’s Box, Iseley Guy, v12:20, pp.14 – 20
    • Stewart Building in Golden, v12:20, p.38
    • Threatened Historic Places: The Alkire House, Lutz Marcetta and Milly Roeder, v12:20, pp.39 – 42
    • Why Would I Want Designation for My Historic Place?, Corson Dan and Milly Roeder, v12:20, p.43

    1998, Volume 11, Issue 19

    • Buffalo Bill Museum, v11:19, p.32-33
    • Churches Ranch: National Register of Historic Places 1998, v11:19, p.42
    • Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, v11:19, p.33 – 35
    • Dinosaur Ridge, v11:19, p.34, 35
    • Fires Floods and Dams, Christensen Kris, v11:19, page 25
    • For Ten Dollars and Love and Affection: The Dr. Gilbert Lininger Story (3 MB), Evans Beverly, v11:19, pp.4 – 14
    • Growing Pascal Celery in Arvada, Lotito Lawrence, v11:19, pp.20 – 24
    • Herman Coors House: National Register of Historic Places 1997, v11:19, pp.41-42
    • History and Historic Preservation, Wolfe Mark, v11:19, pp. 29-30
    • Indian Hills Fire House and Community Center: Colorado State Register of Historical Properties 1997, v11:19, p.44
    • Olde Town Arvada: National Register of Historic Places 1998, v11:19, pp. 39-40
    • Pine Valley Lodge: Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, v11:19, pp. 43-44
    • Rocky Flats Plant: National Register of Historic Places 1997, v11:19, pp. 40-41
    • Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, v11:19, p.31
    • Story of Billy Westall and the Westall Monument (315 KB), Roeder Milly, v11:19, pp. 27-28

    1997, Volume 10, Issue 18

    • Dream Catcher: A Brief History of the John Brisben Walker Legacy, Kessler Ellen, v10:18, pp.27-33
    • Four New Historic Sites in Jeffco: Locations Added to National Register of Historic Places, v10:18, pp.24-26
    • Golden in the 19th Century, Makic Damir, v10:18, pp. 4-5
    • Mountains of Memories, Mountains of Dreams: A History of Skiing in Jefferson County, McMillin John, v10:18, pp.7-14
    • Preservation by Downzoning, Ramstetter Mary, v10:18, pp.34-36
    • Search for Bradford, Thomas Jerry, v10:18, pp.15-17
    • Preserving History in Jeffco: The work of five historic groups allows you to relive the history of our county, v10:18, pp.18-20

    1996, Volume 9, Issue 17

    • Civilian Conservation Corps, Ferguson Jay R., v9:17, pp.2-6, photographs
    • Everett Bank Failure of 1884: Lessons for Today, Greenleaf Gay Booth, v9:17, pp.7-10, photograph
    • View Of Jefferson County’s Rather Historical Weather Occurrences, Regier Mary Jo, v9:17, pp.13-18, bibliography, photograph

    1995, Volume 8

    • George West and the Western Mountaineers, Moynihan Betty, v8:1, pp.2-9, photographs
    • Tips for Creating a Safe Environment for Your Home Library, v8:1, pp.1, 17 and 18
    • Tourism in Evergreen: Where Have All The Tourists Gone?, Cosper Vanita G. , v8:1, pp.10-17, photographs
    • Kittredge: The Heart Of Bear Creek Canyon, Nadeau Sandy, v8:2, pp.10-15, photographs
    • Visit To Conifer: The Story Of The Yellow Barn, Donovan Dorothy J., v8:2, pp.2-9, photographs, acknowledgments

    1994, Volume 7

    • Beautiful Belmar, Donovan Dorothy J., v7:1, pp.2-9, photographs
    • Suburbanization Process of Eastern Jefferson County 1889-1941, Olson Robert, v7:1, pp.10-22, photographs, tables
    • Home of Champions, Olson Robert, v7:2, pp.2-11, photograph
    • Leyden Fire: Prelude Disaster and Aftermath, Aiken Ellen Schoening, v7:2, pp.12-21, photographs
    • Shelving Books Correctly, Lunde Diane B., v7:2, p.22

    1993, Volume 6

    • Thomas Golden: Letters From the Mines, v6:1, p.14
    • Boston Company Flag, Potter Dennis L., v6:2, pp.12, 17, 18, photograph
    • Drying Wet Books and Records, Colorado Preservation Alliance, v6:2, pp. 15 and 16
    • Encapsulation, Partridge Sharon, v6:2, p.3
    • Faded Lady: The Story of Troutdale-In-The-Pines, Cosper, Vanita G., v6:2, pp.4-13, photographs
    • Jeffco Loves To Read, Donovan Dorothy J., v6:2, pp.2-11 and 17, photographs
    • Jefferson County’s Favorite Pastime, v6:2, p.14-19, photographs

    1992, Volume 5

    • George Morrison’s Citizenship, v5:1, p.14, illustration
    • Public Education in Wheat Ridge, Olson Robert, v5:1, pp.2-13, photographs, tables
    • Adolph Kuhrs: And the Founding Of His Brewery, Olson Robert, v5:2, pp.2-13, photographs
    • Preserving Your Scrapbook, Volpe Cassandra, v5:2, p.2
    • Thomas Golden: The Namesake Of A City?, v5:2, pp.14-18, illustrations

    1991, Volume 4

    • Arthur Lakes, Jones Patricia A., v4:1, pp.11 and 12
    • Friends Of Dinosaur Ridge: an interview with Karen Hester, v4:1, pp.13 and 14
    • Thunder Lizards In Our Midst, Black Carla F., v4:1, pp. 3-10, illustrations, photographs, diagram
    • Blue House Remembers, Donovan Dorothy J., v4:2, pp.2-8, illustration, photographs
    • Tour of Golden’s Railroads, Abbott Dan, v4:2, pp.9-14, photographs

    1990, Volume 3

    • Land Persists: the History of the White Ranch Park, Bond Robert F., v3:1, pp.2-13, photographs, map
    • One Hundred Years Ago This Summer, v3:1, p.14
    • Lakeside Amusement Park, Olson Robert, v3:2, pp.2-13, photographs

    1989, Volume 2

    • Golden Gate -The City The Canyon the Road, Potter Dennis L., v2:1, pp.4-13, photographs
    • What No Jail? (Part Two), Brown Georgina, v2:1, pp.2
    • Golden Memorial Airfield, v2:2, p.13
    • Tiny Town, Black Carla F., v2:2, pp.2-13, photographs, list

    1988, Volume 1

    • Volume 1, Number 1, complete, PDF, 10 mb.
    • Apex, Rizzari Francis, v1:1, p.10
    • Arvada’s Main Street, Lutz Marcetta R., v1:1, pp.2-4
    • First Automobile Ascent Of Castle Rock, v1:1, p.4
    • Historically Jeffco Jefferson County Historical Commission Writing Award Contest Rules, v1:1, p.9
    • Jefferson County’s First Soldiers, Potter Dennis L., vv1:1, p.7
    • Lariat Loop Road, Gardner Jane, v1:1, p.5
    • Platte Canyon Railroad, Rainey David, v1:1, pp.6-7
    • Volume 1, Number 2, complete, PDF, mb.
    • Early Industries in Wheat Ridge, Richardson Ruth S., v1:2, pp.7 and 10
    • Town of Kittredge, v1:2, p.6
    • What-No Jail? (Part One), Brown Georgina, v1:2, pp.2-4 and 10

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