Writer’s Award Program

Do you have a story to tell … one that relates to the rich and diverse history of Jefferson County?

If your answer is “yes,” keep on reading . . .

Each year, the Jefferson County Historical Commission sponsors a “Writer’s Award Program,” contest for writers of articles relating to some aspect of the history of Jefferson County. Selected articles are then published in the Commission’s annual Magazine, Historically Jeffco.

You can become a published author. You don’t have to be a trained “historical” writer. The contest is open to youth and adults, and you don’t even have to live in Jefferson County. Your topic, however, must reflect some aspect of Jeffco history, such as early residents, homesteaders, ranchers, railroads, transportation, water issues, archaeology, genealogy, historic preservation, museum collections, etc.

Historically Jeffco, published annually since 1988, is distributed at the Commission’s Hall of Fame celebration each fall.   Copies are disseminated to each local history society in the county and to libraries and other agencies. The articles reflect the rich and multifaceted history of Jefferson County.

The purposes of the Writer’s Award Program include: to identify a wide variety of topics relevant to Jeffco history; to identify individuals or organizations who may have a unique or special knowledge related to local history; to actively explore involvement of potential researchers and/or writers within Jefferson County Public Schools; and to encourage the community at large to share their stories, or their knowledge and excitement about local history.

You can learn more about the Writer’s Award Program on the Jefferson County Website.  Entry forms are available here Entry Form.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories.

Sincerely, Jefferson County Historical Commission.