Landmark Program

The Yellow Barn

The Jefferson County Landmark Program was established in 2003. Currently more than 33 properties throughout the County have been identified and designated by the Jefferson County Historical Commission as Jefferson County Landmarks. A few are nationally recognized historic places; others are locally significant but do not meet the criteria for designation on the National or State Registers of Historic Places.

New! See the county-wide PDF map (3.5 mb) of all Jeffco Landmarks, updated through 2014.

Read or download the landmark list (PDF, through 2015).

See this article on landmarks designated before 2005. Read more about landmarks and criteria for designation.

Landmarks and Year Designated

Albert and Pearl Dake House (Rainwater Residence), Pine Grove, 2005
Alderfer Ranch House and Barn, Evergreen, 2016
Alex Anderson Residence (Eagles Nest), Indian Hills, 2003
Antweiler Residence, Evergreen, 2003
Arthur Lakes (Yale) Quarry #1, Morrison, 2014
Arvada Jaycee Hall, Arvada, 2016
Bear’s Inn Bed & Breakfast (Marshdale Annex), Evergreen, 2003
Berkeley United Methodist Church (pending approval), Mountain View, 2005
Big Chief Cabin, Evergreen, 2003
Big Red Barn, Conifer, 2016
Blakeslee Ranch, Evergreen, 2004
Buckman Place (a.k.a. Church McKay Ranch), Arvada, 2005
Center for the Arts, Evergreen, see Soda Creek Schoolhouse
Charles Dake House, Pine Grove, 2003
Clifton House Inn, Conifer, 2004
Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, 2011
Colorow (Ute) Council Tree and Rooney Lighted Tree Site, 2013
Conley Coffee Shop, Conifer, 2004
Church’s Stage Stop Well, Westminster, 2015
Duplex Cabin, Evergreen, 2003
Dwight Porter Wilmot Estate, Evergreen, 2008
Earl Cooper Family Residence, Golden, 2004
Golden Chateau (Elks Lodge), North Plains Area, 2006
Governor Vivian Mansion, Golden, 2003
Haines Cabin, Indian Hills, 2004
Hiwan Homestead Museum, Evergreen, 2004
Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum, Bergen Park, 2012
Ken Caryl Equestrian Center, South Jeffco, 2006
Little Chapel in the Hills, Buffalo Creek, 2003
Lubin-Blakeslee Place at Meyers Ranch, Conifer, 2004
McIlvaine House, Pine Grove, 2004
Mountain Bistro Restaurant, Evergreen, 2004
Octagon (Lankston’s Heaven), Indian Hills, 2004
Old Barn at Meyer Ranch, Conifer, 2009
Old Rockland Community Church, Golden, 2009
Old Schoolhouse, Pine Grove, 2004
Original Elk Creek Fire House, Conifer, 2004
Patricia Hunt Residence, Evergreen, 2003
Pine Community Center, Pine Grove, 2004
Pine Emporium, Pine Grove, 2004
Pine Gables, Golden, 2004
Romano Family Residence, Golden, 2003
Sampson School, Littleton, 2003
Soda Creek Schoolhouse, Bergen Park, 2016
Steward Residence (Byron C. & Joyce A.), Evergreen, 2004
Ute Council Tree, see Colorow Council Tree and Rooney Ranch Site
William Nichols Stone Building (a.k.a. Rustic Mantel Co.), Pine Grove, 2005
Yale Quarry #1, see Arthur Lakes Quarry #1
Yellow Barn at Bradford Junction, Conifer, 2003

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