Criteria for Designation

The Landmark Designation Committee reviews nominations according to the following criteria to determine the eligibility of a historic building or property.

  1. The structure or building possesses special historic, architectural, cultural, political, social or archaeological significance as part of the heritage of Jefferson County;
  2. It represents distinctive characteristics of a type, period, type of construction, or use of materials;
  3. It represents the work of a craftsman, master designer, architect or builder who is locally, regionally or nationally recognized;
  4. It is associated with or is the location of a significant local, state or national event;
  5. It is associated with the lives of a person or persons who have made significant historical contributions on a local, state or national level;
  6. It has yielded or may yield important archaeological, environmental or geographical information that enriches our understanding of history in Jefferson County;
  7. It is significant as the only or one of a few remaining example(s) of an architectural style or use, or it represents historical or cultural life style of the past; (Examples: a stage coach stop and/or buildings, or a one-room rural schoolhouse)
  8. It has a unique location, natural setting or physical characteristics that establish it as a familiar or recognizable visual feature to the area;
  9. It is associated with an antiquated use resulting from technological or social change; (Examples: mining, bridges, wagon or stage coach roads, railway beds, hitching posts, etc.)
  10. It is a monument, birthplace, cemetery or grave of a historic person or people representing a particular time or event in our history or culture; and
  11. It has already been designated on the National Register of Historic Places or the State Register of Historic Properties.

More About the Jefferson County Landmark Program

  • The Landmark Program is a voluntary program
  • The property owner must consent to nominate a Landmark
  • 50% of the property owners must consent to nominate a District to the program
  • All Landmark and District nominations must meet one or more designation criteria
  • The Landmark Designation Committee reviews nominations and recommends approval or denial
  • The JCHC authorizes the designation of the property after receiving a recommendation from the Landmark Designation Committee
  • The property owner(s) receive a Certificate of Designation for their Landmark or District
  • Alteration or demolition of an Historic Landmark or District may affect its status in the program

Nominate a Landmark
You may submit nominations throughout the year, but nominations received by June 1 can be reviewed and, if approved, included in the annual magazine. Download landmark nomination form (PDF).

Full details on the Landmark Program are in the Landmark Program Policies (PDF).

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